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When a Breach of Contract Is Headed for Litigation

Duties that a business or an individual only owes to another because they were agreed upon are contractual duties. Contracts are explicitly enforceable agreements that allow parties to bargain, plan and set rules that they will follow.

Enforcement of contracts that are not fulfilled may require legal action. Civil litigation attorneys often help individuals and businesses to recover losses in such cases. At Charnoff Simpson PLLC, our civil litigation attorneys have more than 60 combined years of experience. They are ready to tackle high-dollar, high-stakes and complex breach of contract cases.

Examples of Breached Contracts

A business may breach a requirement of a contract by:

  • Doing something that is barred by the contract, such as not doing business with a competitor
  • Failing to do something required by the contract, such as supplying promised goods and services

A business can be held liable for damages resulting from either type of breach. For example, if a roofing materials vendor fails to deliver supplies on time as promised and costs are incurred in the construction process because of that delay, the negligent supplier may be required to compensate the builder.

Sometimes a breach of contract can be resolved when the negligent party fulfills the terms of an agreement. In other cases, a combination of fulfillment and compensation may be the resolution.

Resolutions of Breach of Contract Cases

Legal counsel is the next step if requests and negotiations don’t bring a resolution. Experienced trial counsel can help a business evaluate whether it has a valid, strong, and worthwhile claim for breach of contract or whether it may be liable for such a claim.

Our litigators have a strong track reputation and track record. Remedies may include direct damages, consequential damages and even specific performance. We can also advise you as to how to best pursue and defend against claims from your opponent who expects compensation for attorney fees.

Dig In and Get the Answers That You Need

Request a consultation to discuss the next steps in your quest for fulfillment of a breached contract or for compensation for losses when it is too late to expect fulfillment.

Call 703-291-6650 or send an email inquiry if you or your business has been affected by a breach of contract. Meet with our knowledgeable business litigation attorneys to decide on a path to resolution.