Over $19 million in verdicts and settlements for our clients in 2023 alone!

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When the stakes are high and you have one chance to present your best case in court, trust the firm that numerous lawyers and other professionals trust when presented with complex, catastrophic, and/or high-profile civil litigation: Charnoff Simpson PLLC. We have the skills, experience, drive, and commitment to client success that you are seeking.

The Charnoff Simpson PLLC team
The Charnoff Simpson PLLC team

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Confident Representation

When you work with Charnoff Simpson PLLC, you will find a confident civil litigation team.  That confidence has been earned through decades of hard-fought cases, a long record of high-value verdicts and settlements, and an ongoing commitment to zealous representation of client interests.  When our clients first contact us, many are experiencing the most difficult time of their lives.   Yet, many report feeling comfort and a sense of relief after consulting with us due to the confidence and dedication our team shows.

While You Heal, We Fight for You

When you have suffered a catastrophic personal injury through no fault of your own, the consequences can feel overwhelming. Many of our clients, faced with crushing medical costs, are unable to work, care for themselves and meet the many obligations of daily life.  With over five decades of combined civil litigation experience, Charnoff Simpson PLLC will be there for you to secure, protect, and fight for your rights while you focus on what is most important: healing. 

Settlement of $6.4 Million

A woman was grievously injured by a product.


The Charnoff Simpson PLLC team

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