Over $19 Million in Verdicts and Settlements in 2023

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Virginia Litigators Handling a Wide Range of Cases

Past clients as well as members of the legal community in Fairfax County and beyond often refer to Charnoff Simpson PLLC as a civil litigation boutique with good reason. Civil litigation is at the heart of our practice, and our attorneys provide the focused, one-on-one legal counsel that clients benefit from in a small firm setting.

Our civil litigation practice covers diverse practice areas, including catastrophic injuries, business torts, real estate disputes, legal malpractice, sanctions, and other legal issues that often lead to litigation.

Our civil litigators recovered more than $19 million during the firm’s first year, and the practice continues to grow.

The Litigators and Litigation

Attorneys Charnoff and Simpson previously handled litigation at a different law firm for 10 years before forming Charnoff Simpson PLLC. With the new firm, they have continued to maintain the same traditions of excellence and client service. They are often called “lawyers’ lawyers” because of the demand for their co-counsel services and their representation of attorneys in litigation. Other clients include small to medium-sized businesses as well as high net worth individuals.

Our attorneys have earned a reputation for obtaining high-profile settlements and court rulings. They are adept at serious injury cases as well as high-stakes business litigation.

Respected as professional, accomplished civil litigators, the lawyers also have experience in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as mediation and arbitration.

Get a Case Evaluation and Weigh the Possibilities

No matter what the issues and how entangled the legal elements of your situation are, Charnoff Simpson PLLC is a rational choice for any type of civil litigation.

To schedule a consultation with one or more members of our team, call 703-291-6650 or send an online inquiry. We will respond promptly to get you on our calendar.