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Going it alone without counsel is often not the best option

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2024 | Personal Injury

Victims of negligence are often confronted with a new ‘normal’ following their catastrophic personal injury. These victims are forced to shoulder escalating medical debts, lost income, time-consuming doctor appointments,  and sustained and debilitating pain. For those with limited financial resources, these challenges can be overwhelming.

In our experience, when injury victims handle their claims “pro se”, meaning without counsel, the results are often not good: Victims either hastily accept lump-sum settlements that do not fully compensate them for all they’ve endured and likely will endure, or they grow weary of the adjustment process, the low-ball offers, and the seemingly endless requests for information made by insurance companies.  Many of these claimants, unfamiliar with how the process works or the sources of insurance coverage available to them, are referred to us after they talk with friends, family, or other attorneys.

Having handled catastrophic personal injury cases collectively for over five decades, our attorneys are well-versed in not only marshalling evidence and the factors insurance companies consider in evaluating personal injury claims, but we have learned the weight adjusters and jurors often assign to these factors. This knowledge helps our clients during pre-suit and pre-trial negotiations.

The ideas of settling a personal injury claim quickly without counsel and bringing a degree of closure to a painful event can be enticing for some. Insurance companies know this truth and often attempt to leverage it by urging claimants to accept quick settlements for far less than claims are worth. These settlements can be disastrous if and when claimants realize they were injured far more significantly than they (and often emergency treating doctors) initially realized.  Once a settlement is made, it is too late to seek any further compensation.

Professional Experience is Power

When injury victims are communicating directly with professional insurance adjusters pro se, they are at a marked disadvantage given the fact these adjusters know a great deal more about the claims process having managed hundreds, if not thousands, of personal injury claims.  These adjusters, often well-versed in insurance laws, know what works for their employers and what does not. Significantly, these adjusters also know that engaging experienced legal counsel with a proven record of successfully prosecuting injury claims to verdict is often the single best move a claimant can make to achieve full and fair compensation.  Adjusters seldom, if ever, share this advice with claimants.

Experienced attorneys know how personal injury claims can be most effectively presented to a jury. Experienced attorneys can learn all insurance coverages available to their clients prior to accepting any settlement.   Experienced attorneys can anticipate trial defenses early in a given case, and make adjustments accordingly. Seasoned attorneys can present cases in a streamlined and well-organized manner.  Experienced professionals can offer informed guidance to clients as what full and fair compensation will likely look like in the jurisdiction where a given case could be tried. By having advance insights into likely jury verdict ranges for given claims, experienced attorneys can help their clients to better evaluate risks, potential benefits of trial, and the merit of settlement offers.   Armed with this information, injury victims can make informed decisions on what is best for them!

At Charnoff Simpson, PLLC, we have seen firsthand how experienced, confident, and skilled legal representation can empower clients to achieving the full and fair compensation they deserve. In 2023 alone, our firm secured over $19 million dollars for deserving clients.

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