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Compensation for Injured Pedestrians and Bicyclists

The phrases “pedestrian accident” and “bicycle accident” are often misleading. Negligence by motorists is not accidental, but rather, represents fault. Careless driving can lead to life-alternating injuries not only for drivers and passengers of other motor vehicles but also for pedestrians and bicyclists.

These individuals are not protected by vehicle bodies. They are, therefore, more vulnerable to violent impacts when they are struck by cars. Often in such collisions, bicyclists and pedestrians are catapulted to the hard pavement. At Charnoff Simpson PLLC, our personal injury team advocates vigorously on behalf of injured pedestrians and bicyclists.

About the Accidents and the Challenges of Recovery

Injuries and fatalities affect many people in Virginia and nationwide. Safety precautions such as sidewalks, crosswalks, signals and bicycle helmets may save many lives, but crashes still happen. An injured pedestrian or bicyclist may face a very long recovery and rehabilitation. Getting compensation for someone in this condition may be extra difficult when there has been a hit-and-run incident.

Were you injured or was your loved one killed in a Washington, D.C., area, pedestrian or bicycle accident? At Charnoff Simpson PLLC, we have decades of experience representing people who have been injured by careless and reckless motorists. Our attorneys are well versed in the duties that drivers owe to those on foot and those operating pedal-powered cycles. They are also familiar with legal defenses often employed by insurers when we need to bring these cases to trial.

Help Us Help You and Make Your Community Safer

We hold careless drivers accountable for their actions while pursuing compensation for our clients who were injured while walking, joggling or riding bicycles. By doing so, we hope to serve not only our clients but also to help make our roadways safer for our communities.

To request a free consultation with one of our pedestrian and bicycle accident lawyers, call 703-291-6650 or send an email inquiry. We will make your case a priority from the start.