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Lawyers Handling Legal Malpractice Claims and Representing Attorneys in Other Cases

Many attorneys hesitate to represent other lawyers in malpractice cases or any other legal issues out of fear of inherent conflict of interest and other reasons. No lawyer wants to burn their bridges among colleagues, so to speak, but confident, well-prepared litigators are also glad to represent attorneys to protect the integrity of the legal profession.

Attorney Mikhael Charnoff at Charnoff Simpson PLLC in Vienna, Virginia, has never been a lawyer to shy away from the challenge of representing other attorneys. He began in this area during his first year of practice. Lawyers who will be plaintiffs in approaching litigation are welcome to inquire.

Lawyers’ Cases at Charnoff Simpson PLLC

Over the years, the attorney clients of Mr. Charnoff have included lawyers who have been:

  • In disputes with previous law firms
  • Engaged in litigation as business owners
  • In unusual conflicts because of previous cases and clients that they represented

He has extensive experience defending attorneys in legal malpractice cases throughout Virginia, Maryland and the Washington, D.C., area. Such cases frequently involve a case-within-a-case, requiring him to delve into distinct areas of law, including:

  • Domestic and family law
  • Intellectual property
  • Taxation

In select cases, attorney Charnoff will be available to bring legal malpractice claims on behalf of the defendants’ clients.

Schedule a Consultation With an Advocate for Attorneys

No matter what the legal issue is, Mr. Charnoff welcomes the opportunity to evaluate any legal cause of action that involves an attorney as a plaintiff or defendant.

To schedule an appointment about your potential or pending lawsuit, call Charnoff Simpson PLLC at 703-291-6650 or send an email inquiry.