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Experienced, Respected Defamation Litigation Attorneys

Has someone defamed you or your business? Or, has someone accused you of defamation? In either case, you need legal counsel – the sooner, the better.

At Charnoff Simpson PLLC, we are ready to evaluate your legal circumstances and determine the most effective prosecution or defense in your interests. Our business litigation lawyers have 60 combined years of experience and an arsenal of strategies to resolve your case cost-effectively.

Causes of Action in Defamation Cases

Publishing false and damaging statements about another business or individual is actionable – in other words, justifiable for bringing a claim against an alleged offender. Publication is a key aspect of defamatory statements. Private communications do not count. The most vile, patently false and horrible statements sent in private correspondence from one person to another are not actionable as defamation.

But neither does publication require running the falsehood in a newspaper or posting a scandalous lie on the internet. Publishing to even one individual, perhaps copied on an email, can be adequate to create a cause of action for defamation litigation.

At Charnoff Simpson PLLC, our trial lawyers have more than 60 combined years of experience. They have in-depth knowledge of effective methods for protecting clients’ interests in defamation, tortious inference cases and fraud cases.

Proving Defamation

Whether proving falsity is part of a plaintiff’s burden of proof – as opposed to truth serving as a defense – depends on the jurisdiction. The laws in Virginia are different from those in Maryland and the District of Columbia (D.C.).

An experienced trial lawyer can evaluate and advise whether the category of an alleged false statement constitutes defamation per se. Proving that defamation has occurred means demonstrating that harm was inflicted. It does not require proof of any measure of the damages caused because these are presumed.

Contact Our Business Litigation Attorneys

Our attorneys devote their efforts to proving that their clients did or did not commit or suffer from defamation, depending on which side they represent. To hear about our firm’s past successes in such cases, let us hear from you. We will compare some of our previous cases or other legal precedents to your situation.

Reach our Vienna, Virginia, law firm to request a consultation by calling 703-291-6650 or sending an email inquiry. Our team is ready to take on complex and challenging defamation cases for plaintiffs or defendants.