Over $19 Million in Verdicts and Settlements in 2023

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A Trusted Virginia Real Estate Litigation Firm

Real estate generates a substantial amount of litigation. While primarily implicating contract issues, we also regularly see torts arise from real estate circumstances, including professional negligence, actual fraud and constructive fraud. Virginia also features a number of statutory provisions that govern real estate disputes, and these sometimes stand out in contrast with historic common law.

It is important for people approaching real estate litigation in this state to work with experienced, established attorneys such as those at Charnoff Simpson PLLC. Our lawyers have more than 60 combined years of experience. Attorney Mikhael D. Charnoff is the primary source of counsel for our real estate clients, but any member of our team can help you get your case off the ground.

Legal Problems, Clients and Solutions for Real Estate Property Issues

At our firm, our litigation team represents both real estate purchasers and sellers, including both builders and homeowners in construction disputes. They have extensive experience representing a variety of licensee professionals, including:

  • Real estate agents and brokers
  • Property appraisers
  • Title companies and escrow agents

In addition to handling disputes over money, we also have experience litigating real property issues such as express easements, prescriptive easements and property line disputes. We prepare every case as if for trial, but typically resolve disputes for our clients through negotiations, administrative maneuvers and other nonadversarial ways.

Contact an Accomplished Real Estate Lawyer

Our team has litigated real estate disputes in every court in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Mr. Charnoff is a longtime member of the NVAR Attorney Roundtable. He has directly taught real estate licensees, given continuing legal education (CLE) to lawyers and presented on real estate topics in a variety of forums. Many of Mr. Charnoff’s reported opinions arise from real estate disputes.

To get in touch with Mr. Charnoff or a member of our real estate litigation team, contact Charnoff Simpson PLLC at 703-291-6650 or send an email inquiry.