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Injured in a Trucking Collision? Get Legal Counsel Now.

Big rigs, also called 18-wheelers and other heavy trucks are often considered hazards on the road. Commercial trucks are large, slow and difficult to maneuver or bring to an abrupt stop. Also, truck drivers have been known to circumvent or outright ignore certain restrictions and regulations (sometimes at the directive of their employers) and operate trucks that have been poorly maintained or manufactured. These factors and others often lead to serious accidents that can result in catastrophic injuries or even death.

In recent decades, the number of commercial truck-related fatalities has increased as a general trend. If you or someone you know has been injured in a truck accident, contact Charnoff Simpson PLLC to learn about how our truck accident lawyers can start an investigation into the reasons your crash happened and who should compensate you.

What the Difference in Truck and Car Weights Has to Do With Truck Accidents

In most instances of a trucking accident involving one or several motorists, the occupants of the smaller passenger vehicles are the ones who are seriously injured or killed. Most commercial trucks usually weigh at least 20 times more than smaller cars, trucks and vans, making other drivers and passengers far more vulnerable due to the sheer size differentiation. Their massive size also causes braking difficulties, as loaded tractor-trailers usually take around 30% longer to stop than smaller vehicles.

Obviously, it is important for all motorists to use their turn signals consistently and avoid braking sharply unless necessary.

Truck Collision Prevention

Thankfully, there are practical measures that truck drivers and motorists alike can take to avoid accidents and decrease catastrophic injuries and deaths.

Did the negligent trucker or motorist in your truck accident violate one or more of the principles cited below? Let our personal injury attorneys investigate your case and determine what were the true causes of the collision.

Safety Tips for Truckers

The vast majority of truck drivers want to handle their vehicles courteously and safely, as described below.

  • Always follow mandated regulations for trucking safety, including load limits and required resting periods
  • Be sure that turn signals and braking systems are in working order before beginning your trip
  • Have your vehicle regularly maintained
  • Always be aware of your blind spots and check them at regular intervals
  • Obey the speed limit and drive slowly through curves and in bad weather, especially in work zones
  • Get plenty of sleep and eat regular meals throughout the duration of your trip to ensure that you are at peak physical performance
  • Stack your cargo efficiently to add maneuverability and decrease drag
  • Do not operate electronic devices while driving
  • Never drink and drive

These are not just nice things to know. Some of them form the basis for very specific laws, such as the advice about truck maintenance.

For Drivers of Cars and Other Typical Vehicles

Every driver of any age would do well to pay attention to this key piece of advice: Always give truckers plenty of space to account for potential problematic driving by a trucker, as follows:

  • Tire blowouts
  • Lane drifting
  • Lane changes with unseen blind spots

Many crashes between trucks and other vehicles happen because drivers do not follow the basic rules.

Passing Tips for Truckers and Others

The following advice for people passing trucks or other vehicles can help save lives.

  • Hug the outside portion of your lane
  • Pass quickly but safely
  • Never pass on the right-hand side
  • Allow plenty of space before completing your pass and returning to your lane
  • Give trucks a wide berth when they are turning, as their trailers can swing and extend into other lanes
  • Always assume you are in a truck’s blind spot and drive appropriately

Did you, a trucker or another driver fail to follow safety precautions such as those described above? Our lawyers can get to the bottom of the circumstances behind your accident.

Below are some additional common-sense tips to keep drivers safe regardless of whether they are driving a truck or another vehicle that is in the proximity of a truck.

  • Maintain plenty of space between vehicles.
  • Allow time for braking,
  • Don’t cut off fellow motorists, especially large commercial trucks.

Remember, we’re all just trying to get where we want to go, so be courteous and don’t allow yourself to get frustrated by your fellow motorists – emotional responses are not worth the tragedy.

Discuss Your Truck Accident Case With an Attorney

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