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Obtain Legal Counsel for Positive Results After a Fatal Accident

When a family member dies as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may feel that there are more questions than answers. The grief of losing a loved one is also frequently compounded by financial stress, and you may have to worry about the loss of the deceased person’s income, their final expenses, and other associated costs. These worries can cause further pain even as you try to come to terms with your loss.

The attorneys at Charnoff Simpson PLLC can walk you through the process that follows a wrongful death in a careful and compassionate way, and we can help you pursue the best available legal remedies against those responsible so your family can receive closure and compensation.

We have experience working with wrongful death laws in different jurisdictions, including Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland, as well as the laws that apply to fatal accidents on federal property.

Wrongful Death: Definitions

When someone’s misconduct or negligent actions bring about another person’s death, the deceased person’s surviving family members have the right to file a wrongful death claim. These claims allow survivors to seek compensation for the financial and emotional hardships they have suffered as a result of the victim’s passing.

Some factors that courts tend to consider when determining the amount of damages in a wrongful death case include:

  • The deceased person’s current and expected future income as well as their savings
  • The degree to which the survivors depended upon the victim for financial support
  • Expenses that the survivors incurred for final medical bills and funeral costs
  • Loss of companionship

No amount of financial compensation can make up for the death of a loved one and the emotional pain that results. However, holding the negligent parties that caused your loved one’s passing accountable and securing your family’s financial future can take away added stress, allowing you to focus on your family’s emotional needs as well as your own. It can also provide a feeling of closure and a sense that justice has been served.

Seek an Experienced Attorney After a Loved One’s Accidental Death

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